Be You, Bravely

Bravery lies within self-love, nurturing inner strength. Healing unfolds as we embrace self-acceptance, fostering resilience, manifesting growth and transformation. Courage empowers self-healing.

Modality Sharing and Activations Class
Modality Sharing Class

When: Saturday 22nd November @ 11AM EST

Join my Modality Sharing Class, where I'll be sharing multiple Healing Modalities with you and share my experience's to help you remember how to Awaken the Healer Within.


$44 USD

Coming Home To The Heart Retreat


When: June 27-30 2024
Where: Saint Augustine, Florida FLA
Cost: $777 USD (Option to secure your spot by paying a non-refundable $237 USD deposit)
- Beach Time Activities
- Self Development Focused
- Tea Ceremonies
- Meditation on the Beach
- Nourishing Organic Food
- Intention Setting
- Group Healing Sessions
- Group Sharing Sessions
- Personal Integration Time
- Group Workout Sessions (Optional)
- Health and Wellness Discussions
- Option for free time to explore the area
- Guest Speaker John - Soul Tribe Network



Paid Live Healing
Paid Live Healing
$44 USD
Paid Healings on Live

During my Live events on or TikTok, you can purchase a Paid Live Healing where I will connect with your Higher Self and your Team and bring through a Healing, Activation, and/or Guidance.

One-on-One Session
One-on-One Sessions
$111 USD 
1.25 Hours over Zoom

Experience transformative healing with my One-on-One Unconditional Love Energy Healing sessions. I guide you through a journey into your energy field to activate your innate healing potential and guide you towards balanced wellness and personal growth.

Two-on-One Session
Two-on-One Sessions
$188 USD 
1.25 Hours over Zoom

Experience transformative healing with my Two-on-One Unconditional Love Energy Healing sessions with myself and John God Consciousness. Allow us to guide you through a journey into your energy field where you have access to both of us to guide you towards the highest healed version of you.

Small Group Live Class
$44 USD
1.5 Hours over Zoom

Join my Small Group Live Classes led by myself, where we'll harness our individual and collective energy to facilitate deep healing, spiritual activation, and foster a supportive community on your journey to wellness and personal growth.


About Me

Hello! I'm a Quantum Energy Healer with a deep-rooted passion for guiding others on their journey to healing and ascension. My journey has taught me the transformative power of self-love, a principle that underpins my approach to energy healing. I fervently believe that the journey to wellness begins from within, and I'm devoted to empowering others to discover this truth for themselves.

My passion lies in showing up for the world in the best way I can, offering my time, energy, and intuitive gifts to those who seek a higher state of being. With each healing session, I aim to create a nurturing environment where individuals can release, rejuvenate, and rebirth into their highest potential. I am here to serve as your guide, facilitating your journey towards harmony, self-love, and ascension.

Together, we'll tap into the quantum realm, opening doors to profound self-discovery and transformation. I invite you to join me in embracing the power of self-love and quantum healing as we ascend towards our highest selves.

What i do?

As a Quantum Energy Healer, I guide individuals on their transformative journey of healing and ascension. Through the power of self-love and quantum healing, I empower people to embrace their highest potential and foster profound self-discovery and transformation.

Quantum Energy Healer

Quantum Energy Healing is a holistic approach to wellness that harnesses the principles of quantum physics to promote healing at the cellular level. It facilitates balance and restoration by tapping into the body's natural energy fields, promoting profound transformation and self-discovery. 

Intuitive Guide

An Intuitive Guide uses their heightened intuition to help individuals navigate life's challenges, fostering personal growth and self-discovery. They provide insight and clarity, enabling people to align with their true path and highest potential. 

Self-Love Advocate

A self-love advocate promotes the importance of nurturing a loving and accepting relationship with oneself. They emphasize the power of self-compassion and personal care in fostering overall well-being and personal growth.


Contact Me

Connect with me for a transformative journey towards self-love, healing, and ascension. I look forward to guiding you on your path.

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